Pollution in the United States

As we all know regarding the Paris Agreement, the United States formalized their withdrawal, while France and other countries expressed their regrets.

If the announcement was expected, Paris nevertheless regrets the formalization of this departure which makes the Franco-Chinese partnership on climate and biodiversity necessary. The United States formally notified the United Nations of its exit from the Paris climate agreement, decided in 2017 by Donald Trump, has announced by the head of the American diplomacy Mike Pompeo.

This milestone, which could not have happened earlier due to a clause in the text, set off a one-year countdown before Washington can actually leave the deal. The United States began the process of withdrawing from the Paris agreement. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, the United States submitted a formal notification of its withdrawal to the United Nations. The withdrawal will be effective on year after the notification.

France has expressed its regret at this notification made by Washington, even if it was expected. They regret it and this makes the Franco-Chinese partnership on climate and biodiversity even more necessary according to the French presidency while Emmanuel Macron is in China.

Beijing also announced that it deplored this announcement. They said they hope that the United States will show more responsibility and contribute more to the multilateral cooperation process, rather than adding negative energy.

This is an unjust economic burden imposed on workers. The departure will therefore take place no earlier than November 4, 2020, the day after the next presidential election in the United States, during which Donald Trump will seek a second term. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated the unfair economic burden placed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers by the commitments made by the United States under the agreement.

Trump also suspends car emission standards. Presenting America as a good student of the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, he promised that Washington would continue to propose a realistic and pragmatic model in international discussions on climate. Should we ban heated terraces? What are the words to describe our emotions in the face of ecological disaster?

The USA will continue to work with our international partners to build resilience to the consequences of climate change according to Mike Pompeo. As in the past, the United States will continue to promote research, innovation and economic growth while reducing emissions and reaching out to our friends and partners around the world.

Recently Donald Trump took advantage of his visit to California to announce that he was revoking this rebellious state’s exemption from automobile pollution standards. The US administration believes that only federal agencies have authority to decide on vehicle regulations. Another issue of concern is waste management and pollution, as the landfills are getting full since China does not take anymore more junk for recycling purposes.

After the presidential clash, the governor of California wants to remain optimistic. They will end up taking it. He denounces an aggressive attack on Donald Trump and his timing, just before the UN climate summit. The attack was part of a series of tweets posted earlier by the President to announce the revocation of California’s exemption from CO2 emissions from cars. The Trump administration revokes the California federal emissions exemption to make cars much cheaper for consumers, while significantly improving vehicle safety.

Trump is clearly a climate change sceptic but this is also clearly due to his political agenda, as he is hoping to get the support of a certain class of workers who believe he is helping them getting better jobs or maintaining their jobs. It is probably true that the US is paying a high price within the Paris accord, but let’s not forget they are the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, just behind China.

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