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Secure in the Cloud—Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Data

Cloud computing offers a number of benefits: flexibility, scalability, collaboration, automation, among others. These advantages are particularly felt in small-to-medium-sized businesses that may not otherwise be able to afford technology solutions to make them competitive with larger corporations.

Despite this, some business owners hesitate to make the jump to the cloud. Cloud computing, by its nature, means that businesses must give up some control of their data, and because of that, security is often cited as the number one inhibitor to migration.

So, how can you enjoy the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the potential security risks? Working with your cloud provider is essential. While there are certainly steps that you need to take to protect your data, you should also know how your provider handles security. That being said, here are some best data security practices that you can implement to keep your data safe:


Data encryption is essential when using cloud storage. Encryption can ensure that if even if someone were to gain access to your data without your authorization, they could not read or use it.

In cloud environments, it is sometimes a practice to store encryption keys on the same server as the encrypted files to make access easier. If at all possible, you should avoid this, since anyone who has access to the files also has access to the encryption key. Always store the encryption keys separately from the data they’re meant to decrypt, preferably on your own servers. In fact, even if your cloud provider offers encryption as a service, you should retain control of the keys in case the datacenter is hacked or the company is subpoenaed.

Data Access

You likely already have at least some user/role-based restrictions on who can access what data. Cloud storage should be no different. Assign different users different data-access levels based on the information they need. In addition, you may consider process-based limits where users can access data only within certain contexts or functions.

You may also wish to set up location-based restrictions. An employee connecting via the company’s Wi-Fi, for example, may have full access to your financial data, but that same employee may need to provide additional authentication information before retrieving the data on her tablet at the airport.

Along with this, you will also want to know exactly who, if anyone, at your cloud provider can access your data, what their roles are, and what they can do with the data. As shown in papers written by O. Nimeskern and others, systems must monitor data access on a constant basis to avoid the risk of getting compromised.


Along with this, you will want to set up clear guidelines for device management. The cloud can be a huge time-saver for companies with multiple offices or for companies whose employees often telecommute. If this is the case for you, you will want to think carefully about how and what data users can access from their own devices. You may want to limit your most sensitive data to company-owned devices only. Another idea is to provide read, but not write access.

The key here is to set up enterprise mobility management solutions that work for your company and manage employee-owned devices. These processes can involve frequent synchronization; the ability to track down, lock, and wipe the devices; multi-factor authentication; the ability to differentiate between company and personal data; and more.

Security Intelligence

Regular monitoring and maintenance is important to ensuring cloud security. Carefully watch who is accessing what data and check for potential security risks or attacks. Adding in a layer of advanced analytics can help to provide real-time visibility to the cloud infrastructure.

Are you in the cloud? What are you doing to maintain security? Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Fight Depressive Tendencies In New Moms

“Baby blues” is a common experience experienced by most moms who just gave birth.

As hormone levels adjust to their normal range, this triggers different issues like sleep problems, mood swings and anxiety. But if these symptoms persist for a long time, it’s possible that you will be diagnosed with postpartum depression.

1 out of 7 women experience postpartum depression. This typically starts as depressive tendencies then may escalate to an intense feeling of sadness. You will go through a series of crying episodes and possibly find yourself withdrawing from social events.

Irritability, anger, panic attacks and anxiety are the initial symptoms you need to watch out for. For severe cases, some moms have suicidal tendencies and even have thoughts of harming their child. As the depressive tendencies progress, severe mood swings, extreme lack of energy, erratic decisions and difficulty bonding with the baby will manifest themselves.

If you feel like the baby blues are overcoming your day, tell your partner or a family member about it. You can also set up an appointment with your physician and discuss what the treatment options are. Getting better could take months, so catching this problem as early as possible is crucial.

Aside from the treatments you will receive from your doctor, here are other ways to help fight such depressive tendencies.

Natural Remedies

Taking daily multivitamins is a must even if you are not suffering from any condition. In addition taking omega-3 supplements can be another option as they are getting many researchers’ attention today regarding their ability to fight depression.

A recent medical study reported that the development of depression has an association with the low dietary intake of omega-3, an essential fatty acid that is known to prevent coronary diseases as well. Many breastfeeding moms purchase fish oil as a source of their omega-3 to improve their breastmilk. You can also get omega-3 from chia seeds, flax seeds, salmon, mackerel and other oily fish.

Another published scientific study in the Journal of Affective Disorders stated that among the vitamins they studied (Riboflavin or Vitamin B12, folate, pyridoxine and cobalamin), only riboflavin showed positive effects in improving mood disorders. The research also suggests moderate consumption of this vitamin will show the best results.

Know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate herbal supplements. If you choose to use such natural remedies, it is also best to consult your doctor about it first.

Stay Sane

All moms would attest to how newborn babies can make you crazy. Taking some time off to do something else other than housework and caring for your child should also be a priority. Make it a habit to get dressed, leave the house and run errands on your own, just to change your mood at least.

You can also get a babysitter and catch up with friends. The physical and mental stress of being a new moms are not a joke and the only way to keep yourself sane is to make sure you get some time off once in awhile.

Take Care Of Yourself

You will not be able to take care of other people if you cannot take care of yourself. Caring for a newborn will be the most stressful months of your life and they require constant attention, love and affection.

If baby blues are bugging you, asking your spouse to take over once in awhile will help you get some time off to step back and assess the matters that are weighing you down. Do you need to see a physician? Or do you just need a break? Pondering these questions will make you realize the best solutions to take.

Try to stay active even if you just gave birth. Take your baby out in a carrier or a stroller, grocery shop together and make sure to pick healthy foods. Sleep as often as possible if there is an opportunity to do so and do whatever you can to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Set Realistic Goals

Never expect to be perfect at parenting. Nobody is!

The dirty dishes and uncleaned floors, unfolded laundry and messy toys can wait for a while. Set realistic goals when it comes to accomplishing your duties as a new mom. Nobody cares if your house is a mess. As long as your baby has fresh diapers, clean clothes, and feeds on time, you are doing a wonderful job.

When depressive tendencies become full-blown postpartum depression, it is usually treated with antidepressant medications. But these medications can get in the way of breastfeeding. Getting therapy with a mental health provider is also another option your primary doctor can offer.

Postpartum depression is not a condition you can treat all on your own. If you prefer a holistic treatment plan, talk to your doctor about it.

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The spiritual capital of Costa Rica is Cartago. Before going to San Gerardo, you must first hear about a short stop you can make on the road, Cartago.

Costa Rica has a very high proportion of practicing Catholics, and for them, the focus is Cartago, which was the capital until the early nineteenth century ( it is now San José, after a dark history with Mexico ).

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles dates from 1639. Nothing really impressive for a European, but the interest is not actually in architecture. You should see the faithful arriving on their knees every day at any time, and the thousands of small metal parts offered by patients after their remission thanks to the prayers and pilgrimages. Even without being a believer, you can only be caught by such deep faith.

In August, the annual pilgrimage attracts nearly 2.5 million Catholics (knowing there is 4.6 million inhabitants in Costa Rica) from all over Central America. In the end, the basilica is a place that goes beyond religion: it brings people together around the Negrita, this small statue of the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl in the seventeenth century.

Whenever the young peasant tried to bring the statue of black stone in her home or to the priest of the city, Negrita reappeared on the rock where she was first found. Since then, they tried to build a church but it was constantly destroyed, they took this as a sign and moved the construction site at the location where appeared the Negrita … which is now prominently in the basilica (well, in truth, it is a reproduction, of course).

You can settle for a few nights at Trogon Lodge, a very nice hotel located in the heart of a valley. Quiet. Normally, the site must be beautiful, unless it rains constantly but it remains a beautiful place whatever the weather!

In all these remote areas, there is this kind of small businesses: the pulperias , which also means in slang, well damn girls because ” there’s just as it should , like a pulperia .” And if I do not comment on the use of such an expression (it seems that it is not bad or degrading to a Costa Rican) , it is clear that our grocer allows local access to everything that can help on very large time slots . Food, medicines, cigarettes…

Costa Rica is a paradise for anyone interested in ornithology, and San Gerardo de Dota is it a very interesting region. You should know that even if the country is small, the multitude of climates ( between mountains, valleys, the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast, volcanoes, … ) allows a very rich and amazing variety of species, flora and fauna all together. In a few kilometers, you will see a big change in the landscape and biodiversity!

In search of the quetzal

What is the Quetzal? Well this is a very well known and highly sought bird in Central America, and therefore necessarily in Costa Rica. In the breeding season the male has long easily recognizable feathers, even if the green does not help to distinguish it amid the leaves.

To find it, being accompanied by an experienced guide is a good idea (hotels offer excursions in the morning), because he must have good eyes: find the right tree, and watch movements around it. They feed on small animals and they take time to digest.

And if the name “quetzal” tells you something, it is also because it is a form borrowed from time to time from a famous Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent quetzal). This certainly explains the success of the bird. It can take two or three mornings to see one properly and the weather may not help. And what you will remember is that it looks like a green pigeon and some much prefer the hummingbirds!

Hummingbirds of San Gerardo de Dota

In Costa Rica there are forty species of hummingbirds. And nothing to spoil the pleasure, hotels install small feeders (with sugar water) to attract them. Damn that makes it easy to watch! They vary in size (up to threefold) but never exceeds 10 cm long. It is a constant brushes, they dance in all directions and never stop. Their colors change depending on their position and the light and it is just beautiful!

To photograph them, there is no secret, it will take time. But it is rather easy with the feeders installed at the hotel: do some tests and settings (use the highest speed possible, they move very quickly). Check when they eat, and then identify the branches on which they constantly return.

And then just wait … If you do not move, they will act as if you were not there! Inevitably, as well as being in the mountains, go walk a bit to hear the sounds of the forest , monkeys , birds …

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